Interactive Workshops | 10 - 12 March 2020

Extracapsular CrCL repair and MPL

12th March 2020

Victoria Room (level 6)

The Hilton Hotel

Elizabeth St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

8:00        Course objectives
8:05        Cranial Cruciate and Meniscal Injury – Types                 and Diagnosis
9:00        Isometric CrCL repair

9:30        Morning tea

9:50        Laboratory 1 (plastic stifles)
        - extracapsular CrCL repair
        - meniscal exam/treatment
        - each participant to perform

11:20        Basic MPL repair in dogs and cats

12:00        Lunch     

13:00        Laboratory 2 (plastic stifles)
        - tibial tuberosity transposition, trochlear block              recession
        - medial release, lateral imbrication, patellar                    sling suture
        - each participant to perform

14:30      MPL with Femoral Varus and DFO

15:00      Afternoon tea

15:20      Laboratory 3 (plastic stifles)
        - distal femoral osteotomy

16:45      Discussion

17:00      End of Course


Dr Brian Beale

Dr Brian Beale


This comprehensive laboratory course will review the types of cranial cruciate ligament (CrCL) tears and how to reach an accurate early diagnosis. Participants will learn important factors to consider when making a decision on the management of dogs and cats with CrCL injury.


The course will teach how to optimize extracapsular repair of CrCL tears to improve outcomes and reduce complications. Diagnosis and treatment of meniscal injury will also be discussed. Participants will also learn when and how to treat patellar luxation in small breed and large breed dogs. Participants will learn surgical techniques for patellar luxation correction including trochlear groove deepening techniques, tibial tuberosity transposition, lateral imbrication, patellar sling, medial release and distal femoral osteotomy.


All laboratory exercises will use plastic bone models.





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