2020 VSS Annual Conference & Workshops


10 - 15 March 2020


conferences@vss.net.au | 1800 442 648


Hilton Hotel | Brisbane | QLD Australia

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Local Speakers

Adj Prof Philip Moses
Dr Gordon Corfield
Dr Peter Barron
Dr David Cook
Dr Brad Gavaghan
Dr Fiona Meyers
Dr Ann Thompson
Dr Ninette Keller
Dr Katie Lott
Dr Mark Billson
Dr Evie Knight
Dr Jaylan Aslan
Dr Mike Shipstone
Dr James White
Dr Nadine Hamilton
Dr Nadine Hamilton
Dr Bec Tucker
Dr Bruce Mackay
Dr Josh King
Dr John Hutt
Dr Lindsay Connell
Dr Aaron Forsayeth
Dr Wendy Archipow
Dr Rachel Korman
Dr Nick Cleland
Dr Chris Halman
Dr James King
Dr John Sirasch
Dr Luke Johnston
Dr Lisa Singer
Dr Terry King
Dr Tania Banks
Dr Abbie Tipler
Anita Parkin
Kim Weir
Bridgette Atkins
Bridgette Atkins
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